Travel card Netherlands | Tourist Day Ticket (2024)

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Public transport in the Netherlands is quite effective and can get you nearly everywhere. However, if you are using it an entire day it can get rather expensive. Also, since several companies are active in the Dutch public transport system, buying the right travel cards can be a hassle. The Tourist Day Ticket solves these problems for you, as it is valid with all transporters and has a fixed price.

This makes the Tourist Day Ticket the ideal travel card Netherlands. At its fixed price of €14,50 it is easily affordable, while still enabling you to travel in the province of South-Holland for an entire day. You can order your Tourist Day Ticket online or buy it in store at numerous vendors. The Tourist Day Ticket is also very easy in use, only requiring you to check in and out while entering and exiting the vehicles.

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Travel card Netherlands | Tourist Day Ticket (2024)


Is an OV-chipkaart cheaper than a ticket? ›

Prepurchased public transport travel cards (OV-chipkaart ) are significantly cheaper than buying your ticket on the tram or bus, but they have a one-time price (application fee) of €7.50 and are complicated to order. Therefore, for visitors it is more convenient to opt for one of the other payment methods.

Do they check tickets in Netherlands? ›

The official who checks your ticket or card on the train just does so to check if you have a valid ticket (but obviously doesn't know at which stop you'll get off). Note that a single ticket is always €1 more expensive than traveling by OV-chipcard. An OV-chipcard is usually €7.50, but sometimes they're discounted.

Is it worth getting a travel card in Amsterdam? ›

There are so many cool places to visit in Amsterdam. Luckily, most places are included in the Iamsterdam pass. This makes buying one a no-brainer if you are on a mission to visit as many attractions as possible during your time in the city.

Can I buy OV-chipkaart at Amsterdam airport? ›

It's easy to buy an OV-chipkaart at a station. Just follow the on-screen prompts at the yellow ticket machines, or ask for one at a service desk. At Schiphol, the ticket machines are located right next to the escalators that descend to the train platforms.

Can you travel in the Netherlands without OV-chipkaart? ›

With glimble, you can travel without an OV-chipkaart. You book an e-ticket for each ride. When travelling by train, you can use your e-ticket to open ticket gates at the station. When travelling by bus, you scan your e-ticket on the bus.

Why are trains so expensive in the Netherlands? ›

The NS, which is 100% state-owned, pays the Dutch government €80 million a year for its concession to run rail services which, according to research by NOS earlier this year, accounts for 14% of the cost of a ticket. Labour accounts for 41%, investment and maintenance 43% and value added tax 9%.

How much is the fine for travelling without ticket in Netherlands? ›

The fine for travelling without a ticket on public transport is €50, in addition to the cost of a train ticket. The fine of €50 was decided by the state secretary for infrastructure and the environment. This fine is the same for all forms of public transport: bus, tram, metro and train.

Do I need to buy train tickets in advance in the Netherlands? ›

However, the commuter trains in the Netherlands do not need to be booked in advance. You simply buy a ticket and hop on the next train, similar to using the metro.

Which travel card is best for Netherlands? ›

The OV-chipkaart

The chipkaart is therefore an efficient solution to traveling with numerous paper tickets – a traveler only needs one card to get around instead of dozens of tickets from various different transport companies. The card can be fully personalized, but it's not a requirement.

Can I buy a travel card at Amsterdam airport? ›

Buy a ticket at Schiphol

At Schiphol, you can buy public transport tickets at the blue/grey Public Transport Tickets machines. These can be found near the baggage belts in Arrivals 1, 2 and 3, and at Schiphol Plaza. You can buy a ticket for a single journey or various 1, 2 or 3-day travel tickets.

What is the cheapest way to travel in Amsterdam? ›

The cheapest way to travel around Amsterdam is walking, as the city is one of the most walkable in the world. The Dutch National Rail (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) provides a 14-17 minute train ride from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station, costing approximately €5.50 per person.

How does day travel card work? ›

Day Travelcard

Anytime Day Travelcards: use for the date on the ticket and for journeys starting before 04:30 the next day. Off-peak Day Travelcards: use from 09:30 (Monday to Friday), anytime on weekends or bank holidays for the date on the ticket and for journeys starting before 04:30 the next day.

What is the best transportation card for Amsterdam? ›

The City Card includes unlimited access to all of the GVB bus, tram and metro lines in Amsterdam, making it the most convenient way to travel. Order your City Card today. The City Card includes unlimited access to all public transport including the GVB bus, tram, and metro lines in Amsterdam.

How much does an OV-chipkaart cost? ›

A personal OV-chipkaart costs € 7,50 and is valid for five years. You will receive your new card within six working days. Please note: there is no mail delivery on Mondays.

How to get cheaper public transport in the Netherlands? ›

You can buy tickets online or at a ticket office or machine at the station. One way to make train travel cheaper is with a subscription. Once you have a personal OV-chipkaart, you can pay a set amount each year to benefit from cheaper train travel. There are several schemes, which you can read about on the NS website.


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