New Indian (Hindi) Movies and Series on Netflix: July 2022 (2024)

New Indian (Hindi) Movies and Series on Netflix: July 2022 (1)

Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls – Picture: Netflix

July was loaded with new Indian content, including the streaming debuts of a bunch of theatrical releases, two Netflix Original series, Netflix India’s first interactive special, and a brand new Netflix Original movie about a soccer-playing magician. Here are all of the new Indian movies and series added to Netflix in July 2022.

N = Netflix Original

New Indian Movies on Netflix: July 2022

Virata Parvam (2022)

Languages: Telugu, Tamil, & Malayalam
Runtime: 150 Minutes
Director: Venu Udugala
Cast: Rana Daggubati, Sai Pallavi
Genre: Period Romance, Social Issue Drama | Added to Netflix: July 1

Filmmaker Venu Udugala drew from his own childhood experiences to create the world and characters of Virata Parvam. Set against the backdrop of the Naxal movement in Telangana in the 1990s, a young woman falls in love with the poems written by a rebel leader. She leaves her family to search for the poet himself and is drawn into the insurgency.

Major (2022)

Language: Telugu, Hindi, & Malayalam
Runtime: 150 Minutes
Director: Sashi Kiran Tikka
Cast: Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Saiee Manjrekar
Genre: Biographical, Action, Drama | Added to Netflix: July 2

Adivi Sesh wrote the screenplay and stars in Major, a biopic about the life of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. The film follows Unnikrishnan from childhood through his surprise enlistment, culminating in his heroic and life-saving actions during the terrorist siege of the Taj Hotel in 2008.

Operation Romeo (2022)

Language: Hindi
Runtime: 122 Minutes
Director: Shashant Shah
Cast: Sidhant Gupta, Vedika Pinto, Sharad Kelkar
Genre: Mystery | Added to Netflix: July 2

Operation Romeo is a remake of the 2019 Malayalam film Ishq. Sidhant Gupta and Vedika Pinto play a pair of young lovers who encounter a villainous duo while out for a romantic drive. A night of psychological trauma raises uncomfortable questions about their relationship and sends the man into a violent tailspin.

Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls (2022) N

Language: English/Hindi
Runtime: 108 Minutes
Director: James Turner
Cast: Ranveer Singh, Bear Grylls
Genre: Documentary, Interactive | Added to Netflix: July 8

In this interactive Netflix special, Bear Grylls helps Ranveer Singh on a quest to find a rare Serbian flower for his wife, Deepika Padukone. Viewers make choices as to how Ranveer will proceed, such as deciding whether to bring a grappling gun or a flare when he only has room for one in his pack. It’s worth watching the opening just to count how many times Ranveer kisses Bear after the adventurer rescues the actor from an actual bear.

Ante Sundaraniki (2022)

Language: Telugu, Tamil & Malayalam
Runtime: 150 Minutes
Director: Vivek Athreya
Cast: Nazriya Nazim, V.K. Naresh, Azhagam Perumal
Genre: Romantic Comedy | Added to Netflix: July 9

Childhood friends Sundar and Leela try to trick their traditional families into allowing them to have an interfaith marriage via an increasingly complicated series of lies. But keeping their stories straight is harder than they expected.

Dear Friend (2022)

Language: Malayalam
Runtime: 118 Minutes
Director: Vineeth Kumar
Cast: Tovino Thomas, Basil Joseph, Darshana Rajendran
Genre: Comedy, Drama | Added to Netflix: July 9

Six young adults living in Bengaluru party together whilst forging their own identities independent of their parents. A run-in with the police and the subsequent disappearance of one of the friends leads the others to realize they might not know each other as well as they thought.

Hurdang (2022)

Language: Hindi
Runtime: 122 Minutes
Director: Nikhil Bhat
Cast: Sunny Kaushal, Nushrratt Bharuccha, Vijay Varma
Genre: Drama, Romance | Added to Netflix: July 9

Hurdang tries to argue that the affirmative action policies the Indian government enacted in the 1990s to help victims of caste discrimination are bad, actually. This movie is not good.

Jaadugar, aka Love Goals (2022) N

Language: Hindi
Runtime: 206 Minutes
Director: Biswapati Sarkar
Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Arushi Sharma, Jaaved Jaaferi
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | Added to Netflix: July 15

The only way that magician Meenu will be allowed to marry the love of his life is if he leads his apartment colony to victory in a local soccer tournament. Unfortunately for an underdog like Meenu, his teammates are just as unathletic as he is. Dubbed dialogue in English, Tamil, and Telugu is available in the film’s audio options menu.

Godse (2022)

Language: Telugu
Runtime: 145 Minutes
Director: Gopi Ganesh
Cast: Satyadev Kancharana, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Adithya Menon
Genre: Action | Added to Netflix: July 16

A man calling himself Godse takes a group of high-level politicians hostage, but without revealing his reasons for doing so. It’s up to an ace police investigator to uncover his motivations and negotiate an end to the standoff. Godse is a remake of the 2018 South Korean film The Negotiation (which starred Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin opposite one other before they starred in the hit series Crash Landing on You).

Vaashi (2022)

Language: Malayalam
Runtime: 155 Minutes
Director: Vishnu Raghav
Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Tovino Thomas, Kottayam Ramesh
Genre: Courtroom Drama | Added to Netflix: July 16

Two lawyers in love find their romance tested when they wind up arguing on opposing sides of an important case. Will their love survive their courtroom battle? Tamil and Telugu dialogue options are available in the film’s audio menu.

Magamuni (2019)

Language: Tamil
Runtime: 148 Minutes
Director: Santhakumar
Cast: Arya, Rohini, Mahima Nambiar
Genre: Action, Drama | Added to Netflix: July 21

Magadevan and Muniraj are twins separated at birth who’ve led very different lives. Magadevan grows up to work as a thug and Muniraj as a peaceful farmer. Yet both have people who want them dead, and two cases of mistaken identity put them and those they love in danger.

F3: Fun and Frustration (2022)

Language: Telugu
Runtime: 141 Minutes
Director: Anil Ravipudi
Cast: Venkatesh Daggubati, Tamannaah Bhatia, Varun Tej
Genre: Comedy | Added to Netflix: July 22

F3: Fun and Frustration is a sequel to 2019’s F2: Fun and Frustration. After losing all of their money, scheming friends Venky and Varun plan to get rich by finding a wealthy woman for Varun to marry. When that plan fails and the two find themselves deeper in debt, they’re forced to take greater risks and use even wackier methods to secure their fortune.

Foot Fairy (2021)

Languages: Hindi & Marathi
Runtime: 114 Minutes
Director: Kanishk Verma
Cast: Gulshan Devaiah, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Sagarika Ghatge
Genre: Thriller | Added to Netflix: July 24

In the unconventional crime drama Foot Fairy, Gulshan Devaiah plays an investigator on the trail of a serial killer with a peculiar fetish. The film goes beyond the thrill of the chase to explore the mindset of the killer as well as the aftermath of his crimes.

New Indian Series on Netflix: July 2022

Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi (2022) N

Language: Hindi
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 3
Genre:Docuseries, True Crime | Added to Netflix: July 20

In 2006 and 2007, a serial killer left three decapitated bodies outside of Tihar Jail, along with notes mocking the police and daring them to find him before he kills again. This docuseries from VICE India and Netflix recreates the manhunt and delves into the psyche of a murderer.

Masaba Masaba (2022) N

Language: Hindi
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 13
Cast: Masaba Gupta, Neena Gupta, Neil Bhoopalam
Genre:Comedy, Drama | Added to Netflix: July 29

Season 2 of Masaba Masaba is here, with seven new episodes (one more than last season!). This time, Masaba vows to focus on building her fashion empire and take a break from romance. Unfortunately, the handsome men in her life have other plans. Stars Masaba Gupta and her mom Neena recorded a funny recap of Season 1, in case you need a refresher.

Which of the newly added Indian movies and series will you be watching? Let us know in the comments below!

New Indian (Hindi) Movies and Series on Netflix: July 2022 (2024)


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