Blox Fruits leveling guide - Best fruit for grinding and zone levels (2024)

How do you level up fast in Blox Fruits?We’ve sailed the seas to test our strength against pirates, marines, gorillas, and ghouls, all to outline the best Blox Fruits level grinding spots. We’ve eventested various community recommendations to work out the best race for leveling, the best fruit for leveling, and the best weapon for leveling. With a level cap of 2550 that’s only set to increase, you’ll want all the help you can get.

If this is your first sea rodeo, you might want to check out our ultimate guide to Blox Fruitsand the Blox Fruits tier list before you attempt the grand grind. Another way you can help yourself along the way is by using Blox Fruits codes, too. And for word on the next Blox Fruits update, just click that link to see when it’s coming, what it’s bringing, and a rundown of past updates and the fruits they introduced.

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How to grind levels fast in Blox Fruits

For the most part, grinding levels in Blox Fruits means repeating quests at an appropriate level range before moving on to the next. Because some quests can award multiple levels worth of experience points, the trick is to find which ones you can complete the fastest without a high risk of defeat.

This works for bosses, too, which can award a set number of levels no matter your current level. Though they’re usually on strict respawn timers, it can be worth server hopping (logging in and out) to hunt them for quick levels if you’re between the recommended range of the next island.

Here’s a look at the best fruits for grinding, the best combat styles, best races, and a level range breakdown of each island, so you’ll know exactly where to go, how long to grind there, and where to move to next.

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Best fruits for grinding in Blox Fruits

The best Blox Fruit for grinding is Buddha. It offers a huge defense boost, a greatly increased range of basic Sword and Melee attacks, water walking, and a damaging double jump.

Because grinding levels in Blox Fruits typically means repeating kill quests, the best fruit for the job is generally any with high area damage potential. This facilitates killing the required targets in groups rather than one by one, speeding the whole process up considerably.

Magma is another top-tier Blox Fruit for grinding thanks to its area damage properties, but Buddha, while not great for PVP or most boss fights, had numerous benefits that aid in completing quests quickly.

Best fighting styles for grinding in Blox Fruits

With the recommended Buddha fruit, the best fighting style for grinding in Blox Fruits is either Melee or Sword. If you have a good sword, it’s likely worth using over standard melee moves due to slightly longer range.

Best race for grinding in Blox Fruits

Your choice of race for grinding in Blox Fruits won’t make a huge difference early on. Ghoul can be beneficial if using melee combat due to the passive life steal effects, but it can be hard to obtain.

Because of this,the commonHuman race is the preferred race for grinding in Blox Fruits as there are few downsides or costs.Humans gain damage boosts as they’re awakened, however, but barely change the earlyleveling experience.

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Blox Fruits zones by level

In Blox Fruits, the world is split into distinct seas, with each made up of more and more islands. You’ll travel from one island to the next as you level up, taking on increasingly harder challenges before heading to the next sea.

Certain high-level challenges will require revisiting older islands,likeunlocking Awakened fruits or Gear transformations. You’ll also need to clear certain bosses and quests to progress to subsequent seas.

Refer to the map billboard in each passive hub island of each sea to find the location of your next grinding spot. Grab a boat from the dock and head in that direction. The compass icon will also show you the way to a level-appropriate quest.

Here’s a breakdown of each sea, the islands that comprise them, and the level range of the mobs and quests on each:

First Sea (Lv. 1–700)

First Sea is where you’ll learn the ropes of the game, grinding up to level 700 to unlock the second. You’ll come back to some of the earlier islands here before you leave to unlock things like Saber Expert and Dark Step.

Here are the islands that make up First Sea in Blox Fruits:

  • Pirates/Marine Island (Lv.1–10)
  • Jungle (Lv.10–30)
  • Pirate Village (Lv.30–60)
  • Desert (Lv.60–90)
  • Frozen Village (Lv.90–120)
  • Middle Island (Lv.100 Saw boss)
  • Marine Fortress (Lv.120–150)
  • Lower Skylands (Lv.150–190)
  • Prison (Lv.190–275)
  • Colosseum (Lv.225–300)
  • Magma Village (Lv.300–375)
  • Underwater City (Lv.375–450)
  • Middle Skylands (Lv.450–475)
  • Upper Skylands (Lv.475–575)
  • Fountain City (Lv.575–700)

Second Sea (Lv. 700–1500)

After hitting level 700, you’re going to want to complete the Ice Admiral quest. It’s an essential step for unlocking Second Sea.

To start, talk to the Military Detective on the Prison island. He’ll give you the instructions to defeat the Ice Admiral at Frozen Village.

Complete the task and return to the Military Detective to unlock the ability to head to Second Sea via the Experienced Captain in Middle Town on Middle Island.

  • Kingdom of Rose (Lv. 700–850)
    • Cafe (Lv. 850)
    • Mansion (Don Swan fight)
    • Colosseum (Rip_Indra fight)
  • Remote Island (N/A)
  • Green Zone (Lv.875–950)
  • Graveyard Island (Lv.950–1000)
  • Snow Mountain (Lv.1000–1100)
  • Hot and Cold (Lv.1100–1250)
  • Cursed Ship (Lv.1250–1350)
  • Ice Castle (Lv.1350–1425)
  • Dark Arena (Lv. 1000 Dark Beard boss)
  • Forgotten Island (Lv.1425–1500)

Third Sea (Lv. 1500+)

Reaching Third Sea requires hitting level 1500, defeating Don Swan in the Mansion area, and reducing the HP of Rip_Indra to half in the fight that begins by talking to King Red Head in the Colosseum on the Kingdom of Rose.

Here’s the level breakdown for each Third Sea island and location:

  • Port Town (Lv.1500–1575)
  • Hydra Island (Lv.1575–1700)
  • Great Tree (Lv.1700–1775)
  • Floating Turtle (Lv.1800–1975)
  • Mansion (N/A)
  • Castle on the Sea (Lv. 1000 boss)
  • Haunted Castle (Lv.1975–2075)
  • Sea of Treats (Lv.2075–2450)
  • Tiki Outpost (Lv.2450–2550)

More islands are added with each new patch, with the level cap typically increasing as well. Until there’s more to add, you might want to check out the best Roblox games of 2023 to ease the wait. And if you want to get stuck into other MMOs on the platform, try Anime Adventures codes, Shinobi Life 2 codes, or King Legacy codes instead.

Blox Fruits leveling guide - Best fruit for grinding and zone levels (2024)


What is the best fruit in blox fruits for grinding? ›

Best fruits for grinding in Blox Fruits

Magma is another top-tier Blox Fruit for grinding thanks to its area damage properties, but Buddha, while not great for PVP or most boss fights, had numerous benefits that aid in completing quests quickly.

What is the best way to grind levels in blox fruits? ›

Leveling Tips for Blox Fruits
  1. Use an Elemental Fruit or Buddha with a sword or melee fighting style to grind quickly.
  2. The Human race is fine to use, but Ghoul is better (though harder to obtain).
  3. Complete quests, get or buy XP boosts, and defeat bosses to get experience points quickly.
May 31, 2024

Is ice better than magma for grinding? ›

Doesn't matter if it's un awk or awk, magma is still better than ice for grinding, imo.

Is Buddha good for PvP or grinding? ›

Being harder to kill and having high damage makes Awakened Buddha the best for overall gameplay, which includes grinding, PvE, and PvP. If you're newer or don't have the Buddha Fruit yet, use Light X Research source or Flame X Research source .

Is Kitsune better than Buddha for grinding? ›

Kitsune fruit is the new best fruit in block fruit. It's literally better than Buddha. or any other fruit for grinding. This punch move is most of the reason why it's so good. for grinding, but the other attacks are also amazing for it.

How to get true triple katana? ›

Find the Legendary Sword Dealer and buy three swords from him: Shisui, Wando, and Saddi. With all 3 swords, go to the Mysterious Man in the Green Zone. Talk to the green NPC to get True Triple Katana.

How to get God human? ›

To get God Human in Blox Fruits, you'll need 400 mastery in Dragon Talon, Superhuman, Death Step, Electic Claw, and Sharkman Karate. Gather your materials. You'll need the following materials: 20 Fish Tails, 20 Magma Ore, 10 Dragon Scales, and 10 Mystic Droplets, as well as $5,000,000 and 5,000 fragments.

What code in blox fruit 2024? ›

+ Text Size
KittGaming20 minutes of 2x XP
StrawHatMaine15 minutes of 2x XP
Enyu_is_Pro20 minutes of 2x XP
6 more rows
4 days ago

How to farm aura blox fruits? ›

There are three ways of gaining Aura experience (each gives +1 Aura EXP per action): Damaging any enemies while having Aura activated, including NPCs, players, and Bosses using any sword, gun, melee weapon, or fighting style. This does not work with Blox Fruit moves.

Is dark better than magma? ›

The mastery requirements are subtle, and the most you'll most likely be relying on is the F move, which does damage over time the longer you hold it. Magma is one of the best grinding fruits. I highly recommend it. Sure, keep Dark instead of eat a fruit in which you can melt enemies faster at an alarming rate.

Is magma better than Buddha for grinding? ›

Sure, Buddha is great for grinding, but Logia types are a better choice. Not all Logia types are good, but there are a few fruits that'll be a better option than Buddha. Magma deals the highest damage among all unawakened fruits. Most of the moves are ground based, and they leave the lava after effect after every move.

Is rubber better than magma? ›

Depends on what you want to use it for. If it's for PVP, use rubber. But if you're not max level or if it is for PVE, keep magma.

What is the best grinding fruit in Blox fruits fandom? ›

Buddha is universally viewed as the number one raid and grinding fruit.

Which fruit is better, Venom or Buddha? ›

Don't keep venom, buddha is much better for grinding and it'll make it quicker, venom is also good for grinding but buddha is just better, save venom for pvp or after you're done grinding.

Is Rumble better than Buddha? ›

If u want to pvp, rumble is the better choice. if u want to grind, buddha is better.

What is the best fruit for grinding sea beast Blox fruits? ›

Awakened Magma is one of the best fruits for Sea Beasts, because of its high damage. When using it, use the unawakened X move because the awakened X move cannot damage sea beasts.


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